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Our philosophy is to preserve old traditions and let the fermentation process take time, all to get bread and biscuits with a lot of flavor and long durability.
The flatbread is rolled by hand and baked individually on a stone, all for the good taste. 


Our classic!
This bread is baked in the traditional way according to an old recipe from Norrbotten. Baking takes place on a stone and the bread is still rolled by hand today.

The flatbreads are available in three different sizes and all are just as good.

Dahlbergs Produktbild butik-19.jpg


Our biscuits are baked during a slow process and on low heat. First they are baked and then they are allowed to cool slowly and then roasted on low heat.

It is important that the process takes its time for the flavors to emerge and for them to have the crispy character.


Now our biscuits are available in two different flavors, cardamom and saffron! Feel free to try them with a cup of coffee or tea, or as an accessory to the cheese plate.




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